Sunday, April 15, 2012

This weekend in Pasadena, held the first "626 Night Market". Which a lot of people were totally excited about ...  I knew it was going to be crowded. But didn't expect it to be THAT crowded. To be honest it was nothing like the authentic night markets' of TPE. and to make it even more depressing, me and my friends were no where near any food cause it was simply too packed to get through .. Well, it's safe to say that will be my first and last time going to one of these ~ lol .. BUT we did end up making a "restaurant hopping" day. From Yard House to McCormick & Schmick's. We devoured yumz appetizers and wines to make up for our nite market disappointment ;)
My Outfit Last Night: Jacket (ZARA), Scarf (H&M), Boots (Doctor Martins'), Bag (CHANEL), Rings (ASOS, Cartier, & Vintage from my Grandma <3)
Delicious Oysters at McCormick & Schmick's
Still disappointed this morning .. Decided to treat myself to a massive breakfast to make up for last nite ;P
This Week's Buy
This week I didn't really go out physically to shop, but I did do some damage online ;P
Bought some clothes & Accessories here and there. But my proudest purchase was of these Karen Walker sunglasses ~

So the story is, I've been eyeing the Karen Walker Rover sunglasses ever since she debuted them on her catalog. But the originals were in a darker colored frame (First picture below). & I already had tons of glasses in the darker frames. So I told myself: unless she came out with a brighter/more fun color, I'll be a good girl and not spend my hard earned money. Since a lot of her other frames were in more vibrant fun colors, but somehow these ones she only did 1 color version of it and that's it. But when I did a search on Friday, for my friend (she wanted the "Number Ones", & I was checking what color they had for that style), I came across the adorable Capsule Limited Edition version of the Rover sunglasses - and yes, they are in a very cute powder baby blue color ~ :D So I immediately made my purchase, and it was meant to be. because right after I purchased it, I then went back to read the description to realize they only made 50 pairs worldwide, and somehow the site took it off their listing. So apparently I bought the last pair <3 Very lucky me indeed <3 xxx

Rover Sunglasses (Karen Walker) in original color
Capsule Collection Rover Sunglasses (Karen Walker) in Powder Blue
 Can't wait to get them in my mail :D

Last but not least I leave you with the ever so handsome Johnny Depp. Featured in Paul McCartney's music video for "My Valentine"
Have a great week everyone ~ <3

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