Sunday, April 01, 2012

Happy April Fool's!
Its been a quiet weekend. Didn't do too much but did explored the LA Forest Park with my adorable friend Jesus (check out his tumblr: http://onemindlesskid.tumblr.com/). Very talented photographer and I was very flattered to get the chance and shoot with him ~ Can't wait for the final product! :D 

a lil preview from the man himself (http://onemindlesskid.tumblr.com/)
Amazing view - LA Forest Park
a lil new accessory for my phone ~ Mz. Skully
All F U C H S I A - E D out!
New Rain Boots :)
New Accessories: Earrings, Cuffs & Rings
Being the neat freak I am. Decided to purchase a new filing system for all my documents ~ :D
Last I leave you a pic of my mini king kong back home ~ <3 I miss him!!
 Have a great week everyone!

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