Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Monday and yet I have the time to update my blog .. why? Cause I'm actually in transition from my old job to a new one right now ~ Although bitter sweet, I am currently very happy and can't wait to start! :) Since I haven't had a break for 2 years .. This mini resting time has been so blissful. Enjoying every moment of it and taking all the time to pamper myself, cuz you know what? I deserve it! ;P 

Look on Friday night: Blazer - H&M, Bag - Chanel, Shoes - Alexander Mcqueen (lookbook.nu/gl4m)

Accessories - CC Skye, ASOS, BCBG, Moussy
The most adorable girl ~ Morgan <3
Took time to also get my nails done ~ Pastel colors just in time for Spring xxx
A little treat for myself to congratulate me on the new job ;P - Pamela Love Dagger Rosary Necklace
Last but not least: Spending LOTS of time with my #1 baby Sylvester x

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