Saturday, February 04, 2012

Haven't had the chance to really update my blog the past 2 weeks. Been busy with work and on top of that a lot of friends were visiting from out of town. So my time was pretty much spread between work and play .. which honestly no complaints ~ ;P although my body is quite exhausted. so Although I miss my silly out of towners. I'm glad the peace and quiet is restored and I can rest my head a little ... ;) 

W/ Mr Rowe at our usual spot - Cafe Roma
GOLD on GOLD on GOLD = Mr. F.C.
Black Truffle Risotto <3
Grilled Octopus x Potato

W/ Mr. Rowe at Toni's Birthday Party

Gorgeous Birthday Girl


Beautiful dining room at the Mansion

Yesterday nite - finally a relaxing weekend

2 of my favorite boys ;)

Delish cupcakes from Vanilla Bake Shop xxx

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