Friday, January 27, 2012

Its been a while since I got an vacation. So for CNY I decided to take a mini vaca, got the chance to spend some time with my bestie domxdom ~ Headed out to Vegas for 3 crazy days. had tons of fun :D

Road trip!
Enjoyed the ride in the back ~ ;P
Mr. Rowe got to meet his favorite DJ Skrillex!
Checked in!
Love 24/7 Breakfast
Alexander Mcqueen Gown - T O  D I E  F O R
Stone Crab @ Joe's Crab Caesar Palace
Dom x Gi
My <3 s
Memories made only in Vegas ... ;)
What is a nite without some snow?? ;P

Last Day Buffet @ the Wynn
Other than the awesome Vegas trip. I also treated myself to a new toy ~ Thought it was time to get me a new camera. I've always wanted a DSLR camera, but always avoided it because of it's size. But when I found out about the Sony Nex C3, I knew I had to get it! Esp, when the camera body has my fav color option: FUSCHIA

So far loving it. Haven't had the chance to take too many pictures yet. only been playing around with it at home. testing out the functions. But definitely loving the picture quality.
 Will soon to post some pictures taken with my new camera ;)

Sony NEX C3 w/ 18-55mm lens
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