Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Currently suffering under no internet at home. I've been slightly MIA from my blog. Not that I don't want to update, or have no materials to update, simply cause I can't ... I sometimes wonder and think back what were we doing when the WWW was not fully established? lol

Since it is Chinese New Year holidays right now. Work have been extremely slow. & Thankfully out of all the sites that are blocked here at my work. Blogger is still available :) Ssshhh ...

Hopefully by Weds my home internet will be up and running again. So this post will be short. Just a quick update/hello to all you dwarlings ;)

Wishing everyone a lovely week! <3

Look of the day: Ostrich feather/fur vest - Stylnanda, Thigh high boots - Christian Louboutin, Bag - Hermes
Lately been into round shaped sunglassed ;P

New nails - Color: Summer Pink

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