11.27.2011 BLACK FRIDAY

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Day out with Sylvester at Taberna in Beverly Hills - our new fav spot!
For more on the outfit I wore please CLICK HERE
Sylvester Chilling
I just simply adore those puppy paws!
My 2 fav orders at Taberna
Bacon wrapped Shrimp & Jalapeno (the picture doesn't do this dish justice!)
Guacamole is of course a must
& to wrap it all together: a freshly made Sangria <3

Of course Thanksgiving isn't complete without some shopping on Black Friday right? I mainly bought some clothes here and there. But my absolutely fav finds were my new studded wedges!
Couldn't exactly decide which color to go with. So I bought both!  ;P

Last I leave u with a little classic fav song of mine. From the movie Pretty Woman
Fallen by Lauren Wood
Have a wondeful week everyone!

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