Friday, September 23, 2011

As most working girls probably know. We don't have that much time on our hands to go out and shop .. Most of our days are spent sitting in front of our computers (like right now) typing away. So inevitably, a lot of us turn to online shopping as an outlet for some needed retail therapy. I'm definitely no exception ...

To be honest, when online shopping first started, I used to hate it! Cause I have no patience. If I paid. I'd expect I get what I paid for right then and there! lol ... But slowly, with the advance in technology and the ever hardworking delivery/postman. Merchandises we buy online are often sent to our doorsteps within a decent period of time. But of course some sites are better than others, and this is what I'm here to blog about. I'm not saying I'm THE expert of online shopping but given that I do buy so much via online .. *guilty as charged* ... I thought I'd share my shopping experiences in the virtual world here with you & maybe give a little insight, to help others know what to expect from certain sites :)

So my first review is on: IDEELI.COM 
 This site is a membership only, discount site. Once joined, they will constantly email you with discount deals on brands that may be of your interest.

I was first introduced to this site by a friend a while back. But I never got to try it out until recently .. I guess they never had anything that really interested me? .. Or maybe I just overlooked on some really good deals?? lol .. But these few weeks, I've been paying more attention to it and realize they actually have some pretty good bargains on it. So about 1week ago, I finally made my first purchase ~
NOIR Bracelet - originally priced at $130 (approx.)
Ideeli price: $49
Converse Sneakers - original price: $40.00
Ideeli price: $35

The website itself is pretty simple. Not too hard to figure out. But it is quite limited. Because they stick to whatever deals are available that day, there isn't too much to navigate around and look out. Once you are done with today's deal that's pretty much it.

Making the payment was very easy and straight forward. The transaction went through very fast. & email confirmation was sent to me almost instantly.

Because the site was very efficient digitally, I didn't have to call in and check up on my order with an actual customer service personal after I placed it. Shipment was shipped out on the date I purchased my goods. So that was great. Cause to me, my priority is shipment efficiency ~ I don't want to be sitting around waiting for a month before I receive the merchandise I bought rite?!

All in all, this was a good online shopping experience. Nothing made me want to give up and cancel my order half way through. So I'll definitely go back if I see any good deals on the site :)

That's all for this post ~ HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND DWARLINGS! ;)
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