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Thursday, September 15, 2011

As annoying as putting on makeup is. Personally I dread the removing part more ... first the eye makeup remover. Then the makeup wipes. But thanks to the ever evolving Japanese Cosmetic/Skincare world, I found this little helper that made my life a little easier ~

Make Cleansing Cloth
This fabric is a little different to your every day towel. Used together with a little makeup removal oil (I'm using Kracie naive - Natural Deep Cleansing), makeup comes off super easy. 1 wipe and it all comes off. Even eye makeup. Best part is just rinse with water and soap and the cloth is like brand new again ~ You can use over and over again which is very environmental friendly which is also another big plus for me :D

Probably not sold everywhere but if you ever pass by a Japanese supermarket or cosmetic/drug store. Definitely scope it out ~ Highly recommended!
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