Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is it just me? or now that I'm a little older. The old clubbing routine just seem soooooo exhausting ... I used to look at my parents and their friends ... when they gather around the table .. sipping on their cocktails or glasses of wine and thought: what's the fun of that?!

But slowly, more and more, I actually enjoy discovering new bars & lounges more than squishing myself through a crowd of G.P. (general public) who no matter young or old, fair or ... not so fair? :P ... grabs onto any moment for feeling like a "somebody" ..Nope! That's definitely not my choice of a fun night anymore! ;P

So last weekend was no exception either ~ Got together a group of good friends and wasted the night away under quality time :)


First stop Friday afternoon, straight out of work, my coworker and I decided to stop by Pattern Bar. A little place in downtown LA fashion district where it's known for their designer named cocktails <3

serving up our orders:
From left to right: The Chanel & The Dior 
prosciutto ~ always my fav!
Exactly what we needed after a long week of work :D
onto the next one <3
Second stop was this cute lounge tucked away in Hollywood called: The Next Door Lounge 
Decor was warming, and the drinks were tasteful but strong ~ No complaints!
Mr. Rowe & B. Chilling outside 
 Our cozy little table inside
 Cheers!!! .. Again!! ;P
The delish tuna tar tar with avocado 
 Definitely a good nite .. & yes. I'm bringing em overalls back! ;P

& Last I leave you with pictures of my baby Sly 

Have a good week everyone! Nite nite! muaks ~
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