08.10.2011 - Birthday Weekend for Mr. Rowe

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So last weekend was Mr. Rowe's HaPpY BiRtHdAy! & of course a group of us got together to celebrate the "fabulousness" of his being! Although much less fancy than what we would do in our younger years .. i.e. waste our hours in the midst of a dim club with a group of people we probably speak to less than twice a year ... :P

We did spend some good quality with friends though. The itinerary included: Tattoo at Old Glory Tattoo parlor, All you can eat Korean BBQ (one of Mr. Rowe's fav), followed by Karaoke aka busting our dance moves to 80s classics, & of course Saturday was the inevitable visit to China Town where we attended the party blast: HARD Summer 2011. So all in all, it was definitely a fun filled weekend .. Maybe a little too much haha ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Mr. Rowe's fresh new tattoo: Cartoonized Sylvester which I drew ;P
Everyone gathered around the table for some M E A T!

 My outfit for the nite: I finally got to wear my Rik Villa Lace Flared pants <3
Shout out to the designer/maker RIK!!! Thank you for esp. making 'em in my size!! Love 'em!

The People:

The Crowd:

& after a fun weekend it was definitely back to work! Before I go, Here is my "work" look for today ;)
 Sweater - Boutique/no brand
Leopard Maxi - H&M
Necklace - Taiwan local designer 
Bag - Alexander Wang

Have a great one everyone!!
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