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Friday, June 03, 2011

It's been a while since I updated my blog .. simply because I spent my last weekend moving into the new apartment. & in case you're wondering: all went very well. Me and all the little munchkins + Mr. Rowe has settled in nicely ;)

Other than that, we did get to spend some time with friends during the Memorial weekend. & I finally got some time to do a little shopping .. For the new apartment & for myself.

One of the things I bought were new lipsticks ... Which I've been needing since I tend to lose them here and there ~ Anyway .. this time around I tried out the new CHANEL lipstick line - Rouge CoCo Shine. After using it for several days and testing it out. I thought I'd share it here with you all ~

Basically I bought 2 very similar colors. Because I like to sometimes mix the 2 shades to create a darker or lighter shade depending on my mood that day. The 2 colors I picked were: Romance & Aventure.
Romance - darker color. More rich. But still natural, not to the point where its too bright. 
Aventure - lighter shade which you can use almost every day. Very suitable for work. 
 In this picture I'm wearing "Romance" - the darker shade.

What I like about this lipstick is that the shine comes with it. So you don't need to add another application of lip gloss. Of course you're still welcome to do so if you want the extremely glossy look. But personally I prefer it to look natural than too done up. 

The flaw I find about this lipstick is that the stay power isn't too long. So you do need to touch up here and there to sustain the color. But I don't mind that. Because usually with lipstick that have longer staying power, they're usually bad for you since they tend to make your lips really dry. 

Price: these lipsticks sell around $37 USD (depending on where you get it .. I've seen some online sites that sell it for $41 USD) 

Of course there's other color variations to pick from. But in general all colors are very natural looking. So if you're going for the dramatic lips look I don't suggest this line. But if you're looking for something natural, good for every day wear, I definitely recommend the "Rouge Coco Shine" lipsticks ;)
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