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Sunday, May 15, 2011

When it comes to skincare. I truly believe you don't necessarily need all the fancy gadgets. As long as you got the right basics/essentials, your skin can be flawless. It's all the matter of using the right product for your skin. & one of the most basic element needed in skincare is: moisturizer.

For me, it took me several years before I finally found my perfect combination of moisturizer. My skin is very sensitive to anything too rich .. & most moisturizers on the market are extremely rich. So I was ecstatic to finally discovering a moisturizer .. or rather a line of moisturizer, that fits perfectly to my skin type. & it even helps reduce my % of breakouts! :)

On its own, the moisturizer is only decent. Nothing spectacular. But when combined, it is definitely an equation to well moisturized, breakout free skin. 

Usually, after my toner, I would apply a thin layer of "Hope in a jar - oil free" on my T-zone and areas where I'm sensing some redness/breakouts. Then afterwards, "Hope in a jar (original formula)"on my entire face to give it an extra boost of hydration.

This product is a lightweight fluid with antioxidants that provides protection for your skin to environmental attacks. It also helps prevent breakouts, when applied it will help remove the surface oil on your skin and in return keep your pores clear. It works really well for me, because I tend to get small breakouts on my t-zone area .. but ever since I started using this product I hardly get any breakouts. :)

This product is slightly heavier than the above product. But it is still lightweight and doesn't burden your skin with too much richness like some other moisturizers sometimes do. This moisturizer is extremely hydrating and makes your skin feel very refreshed. It's formula is made to help smooth out wrinkles and discoloration caused by every day environmental attacks. Best about this product is that they have several versions for different skin types. I use the original formula which is made for combination skin type. They have different ones for dry skin type, oily skin type etc. So I'm sure everyone can find 1 that suits them best! :) 

Prices for both products are at $38.00 
Which I think is fairly reasonable price for a good product. 

Well that's it for now ~ Have a great night! ;)
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