Sunday, May 22, 2011

Memorial weekend is coming up, and that means there's only another 4 days left before I move into my new apt .. Although I do love my new apt and is looking forward to moving in. It is a lot further from work. From now on I'd have to get up earlier and drive longer to get there .. that's just making me dread it .. Hopefully the traffic fairy will be nice to me ~ & make my daily drive smooth and pleasant :P

Went out with a few friends last night. Also took little Sylvester along ~ He got to meet a big buddy - Boddy, a black Labrador .. who seems to be terrified of our little Sylvester and just kept running away lol .. it was adorable ~ <3

My look last night:

BF Blazer - H&M; Tshirt - Hellz Bellz
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood; Shoes - Not Too Coy

I just bought these adorable shoes ~ The shoes has a 1 1/4" in. platform in front, & a 5" in. heel. It looks exactly like the Miu Miu ones but in plain black satin which I like WAY better .. I was debating about the Miu Miu ones because I did love how the crystals & heel looked but I knew I wouldn't wear it that much because of the pink & bird pattern printed on ... IDK.. I just can't pull off that vintage/retro look .. Some girls can look adorable in that. don't get me wrong. But personally just not my style ~ So I was definitely psyched to find a pair that catered to my needs ;P
& before I go, I leave you with pictures of my #1 boy Sylvester :)
 See how teeny tiny Sylvester is next to Boddy? .. 
Who's too scared and hiding in the arms of his owner lol ...
Sylvester bummed that Boddy won't play with him .. hehe
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