Sunday, May 01, 2011

Another month simply flew by without me realizing .. But the good thing is: It's FINALLY Summer time in LA! :D

Yesterday, the weather was perfect! In the morning I went tanning by the pool and soaked up the sun for a good 2 hours. And then in the afternoon, after Mr Rowe was done working on his fitness, we took Sylvester out for a little Family time ;P

Look of the Day:

TOP by Style Stalker, Maxi Dress by Rik Villa 
Hermes x CC Skye Studded Bracelets, Bag - Chanel
Lighter easy makeup for the day time fun :)

Please hype my look on LOOKBOOK.NU!

Sylvester definitely enjoyed his VIP ride:
 Sylvester on his booster seat enjoying the view :D
The boys ride shotgun! hehe ... Plus I dun mind being chauffeured around :P 

We ended up at a yumz Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks Galleria:
Started off with a delish Mango Mojito ~ Just right for the warm sunny weather!
Followed by freshly made Guacamole! BOMB!
Chicken tortilla soup. The spices and a hint of sour really starts off the meal right ~
 Appetizer taster platter ~ think we ordered a little too much .. haha
 Lobster quesadilla. Let's just say once you've had this, chicken just won't cut it anymore!
Hope everyone's enjoying the lovely arrival of SUMMER 2011! :)
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