Saturday, March 26, 2011

This whole week the weather's been a little gloomy. But hopefully as March is coming to an end, it also puts an end to the depressing skies. But we were lucky today, although the weather report said it was going to rain, it ended up just being cloudy & slightly windy. So I took Sylvester out, along with Mr Rowe, and we trotted around Robertson & Melrose :)

Sylvester riding with me :)
First stop: Marie's Nails
Kept it simple this time but did use a brighter color for the hopes of a warm spring! ;)
2nd Stop: Yumz Lunch & Hot Chocolate at Curve Wine & Food on Robertson & 3rd
3rd Stop: Melrose
Browsed around a few boutique stores and found some really cute jewelry and custom Tshirts ~ That's why LA is fabulous! You never know what you can discover! <3

My fav find for the day ~ Lately I'm uber into lace numbers hehe 

Hope everyone had a great weekend too ~ :D
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