Sunday, March 06, 2011

Many people suffer from Acne. and just like everyone, I do too. That is why I'm always constantly searching for new products that I can use to stop that skin from breaking out. & incase you haven't realized: What might have worked for your 2 years ago, might not work quite as well now. Because your skin will become immune to products after a long period of usage. So it is always good to switch it up. Keep those acne guessing and keep your skin smooth and clear! ;)

Today, I'm here to introduce 2 products which I've lately purchased and found to be quite effective. It is from KATE SOMERVILLE's line of Skincare products. Kate Somerville is a celebrity skin specialist who has lately came out with her own line of Skin regimes for daily use at home :)
This little mask is used especially on the T-zone area, to help decrease the appearance of blemishes and prevent future breakout. You can use this after your weekly exfoliating routines and help keep skin blemish free! :) - This product is used twice weekly, am or pm. 

Rinse off after 5 - 10 mins :)

For those who are familiar with Mario Badescue's Drying Lotion. This product is basically a similar spot treatment product for immediate relief of a big pimple or blemish ~ A little pricier than the Mario Badescue's drying lotion, but I find it a little more mild in terms of the alchohol level in the product. So when using it doesn't sting as bad. Also the sulfur seems to be a little more withstanding, so when I wake up in the morning it will still be there. Whereas the Mario Badescue's one tend to rub off during my sleep. - This product can be used daily as needed

So here's my little 411 on these little products. Hope you like!
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