Saturday, February 05, 2011

How was everyone's CNY?

This year, being away from my family, I'm having a slower CNY. Usually I'll be running around the house with my mom. Preparing for the big dinner on CNY eve.

Although I didn't have the usual big dinner with family and all. I did take time off from work. I took yesterday off. & I'm also taking Monday off. Making my weekend a 4 day long weekend :) But on top of just resting. I used this weekend to take Sylvester in for his neutering surgery. Little buddy here was definitely a trooper! He was a little exhausted last night but after resting up he's been running around like nothing happened :D

Sylvester all better this morning after a long night's rest :D
 Even had time to pose for a picture in his little e collar hehe .. 

& Because he was such a little trooper. Mr.Rowe got him some special treats (and of course a little something something for Sky & George too ~ )<3
Catnip Cookies & Doggie Cupcakes ~ Soooo adorable. 

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Additional pic of Sylvester and his fav brother Sky ;)
Those who don't believe cats and dogs can get along really don't know what they're talking about ;P

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