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Sunday, January 09, 2011

How was everyone's first weekend in 2011? So far mine's been great.

Friday night, a few of us decided to head out to Hollywood and adventured through several bars/lounges/clubs. It's been a while since I've been out in that area and although I'd prefer to keep myself away from the crowds. Once in a while, it's still quite fun :) .. & when you're with the right people it just makes it all more the worthwhile ~

 Hemingway's - a adorable bar/lounge on Hollywood
 The massive wall of old school typewriters & books
 Mr. Rowe <3

& of course it won't be a fun night without the girlies ;)

After resting up on Saturday, we made a day trip to LACMA (Los Angeles County Musuem of Art).
 iphone 4 sillyness ... :P
 Did I mention I got a new cut? Pixie all the way ;P

 Fashioning Fashion Exhibition: European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915
 adores installations
 HUGE Andy Warhol fan! not mainly of his artworks but rather his particular choice of living & philosophy ...
For those who haven't and if you get a chance definitely read the book:
"Andy Warhol From A to B and Back Again"

Luvs LACMA! Can't wait for the Tim Burton Exhibition in May ~~~~ 
Until next time .. ;)
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