Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last Sunday, while most of the men were watching the Jets Pats game. I tuned in to watch the Golden Globe Award 2011. And of course what is an award show without the gorgeous gowns and stellar shoes the starlets wear right?

I've been meaning to do a post right after but work has been exhausting .. and some what depressing .. So finally tonight. I decided it's now or never ~ lol .. I'm sure I'm already late compared to many other Fashion Bloggeteers out there. So instead of listing out all the dresses & celebs. I'm just going to put down my favorite 3 ;)

At #3: Eva Longoria

I thought the open back & long train was absolutely stunning ~ & Definitely a dress only for the red carpet. & it fitted her petit body purfectly <3

At #2: Emma Stone
Being a young rising star, Emma Stone definitely picked a good gown. It was age appropriate. Simple. But the gorgeous peach color makes her stand out. Sometimes among a crowd of complexity, keeping it simple gives you the contrast to get all positive attention ~

& My Favorite of the night - at #1: Olivia Wilde
Her gown was simply breathtaking ~ Maybe I'm just a sucker for sparkles. But what me loved her outfit the most is that she didn't forget the details. Even with this big gown, she didn't shy away from wearing super stunning shoes. Evidently, a pair of Christian Louboutin ~ ;)

Okie. These are my top 3 ~ What were yours?
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