Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another weekend is coming to an end. Don't you just wish weekends were at least 3 days? But I'm guessing that will never happen .. esp in the States. Where we're known to "live to work". That's why even though I'm usually exhausted by Friday. I make it an effort to go out. That usually helps create the illusion that my weekend is a tad longer than it really is :P

On Friday night, my coworker Celina & I. Met up with our Ex-Coworker Wendy & a few friends for some drinks ~ To help us wind down .. & of course do a little B*tching about our stressful work environment. W. Being an Ex-Coworker, she knew exactly what we were talking about. Which made it nice because most ppl think we over exaggerate on how bad it is .. but trust me. We're not .. & that is a whole another story which I won't get into and depress all my readers with ;P

Went to Velvet Margarita - Love their Ultimate Margarita <3
Celina & I
Celina , Wendy , & me at the bar ~~~ Long over due meet up! Glad we met up
Love the Mirror top tables~
Saturday night:
Mr. Rowe driving down Santa Monica Blvd
Group pic :) Fun night <3
Fabulousness ~
Girls. Girls. Girls. ;)
Us with the Birthday Girl :) Reminds me of the fun times of Shanghai xxx.
With Cris.
Last but not least I leave you with adorable pictures of Sylvester :) Took these while we took him out Saturday afternoon ~ He's such a good boy. Always calmly enjoys the ride. Never try to cause any trouble ~ <3

Have a great week everyone!
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