Sunday, January 16, 2011

This weekend I made it my effort to take little Sylvester out. I guess you can say it was kind of like a mommy son day? :P I took him with me to get my nails done. which was ok UNTIL he decided to pee and pooped INSIDE the nail salon .. lol .. I ended up chasing after him with napkins and trying to "catch" everything before it dirtied the store's floor ... guess I'm not taking him back there again .. oops!

But other than the little incident he behaved really well. esp in the car ride. He sat in his little "booster seat" which I bought him a while back. & just enjoyed the ride ~ :)

After my nails were done I took him to Healthy Spot (http://www.healthyspotonline.com/), a awesome place where they provide doggy day spa. & have them give him a little pamper too ~

For those in LA, and want to spoil their dogs. Healthy Spot is awesome for bringing your dog in for a usual bath, nail clipping, ear cleaning etc. but it is also great if you want to spend a little more and give your doggy a blueberry facial, & deep tissue massage. And the pricing isn't bad at all. Check out their website for details ;)

New nails. Kept it simple this time :) (Right Hand)

Left Hand
Sylvester happy with his little pamper :D
Sylvester: "Happy Weekend!"
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