12.10.2010 TGIF!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another week closer to the end of 2010. Are all of you ready for the yearly big count down? I'm CLOSE to fully prepared lol .. Guess I gotta pull my act together and make sure I get everything I need for the big night ASAP :P

Last night, being Friday night. Mr. Rowe & I made it our effort to meet with a few friends and feast to celebrate the weekly TGIF ~ We went to a all you can eat Korean BBQ in Downtown. For those who are living in LA and love Korean BBQ. You definitely need to try this place ~ :D great food! good atmosphere (Music gets louder later on in the night FYI) ~ But get there early! they pack up fast & don't take reservations unless you have a party over 7.

 MOO DAE PO (II) on S 7th Street. Cross Street: Vermont

Other than chowing down high dose of protein ~ I took the time to go get my nails done again .. :P Afterall I don't want to look like a barbarian with chipped nails for New Years right?

 & Last I leave you with a picture of our adorable Sylvester, to wish you all a: "HAPPY WEEKEND!"
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