Saturday, November 27, 2010

How was everyone's Thanksgiving weekend? I'm guessing most people benefited from food coma and an epidemic shopping spree ;)

This year, I skipped the traditional Turkey dinner and replaced it with an overwhelming sushi feast with few good friends. & on Friday night, we enjoyed a night of fun with some delicious Martinis :P

Weds Night:

The boys outside of Asakuma Sushi
Service: So So
Sushi: Delicious though .. So still worth the trip :D
 Happy Hour All Day! :)
 Fortunes ... (they say always add "in bed" at the end :P lol) 

Friday Night:
All Smiles with our Martinis
 E. With her Chocolate Martini ~ Yyyuummzz
 My Starter: Classic Apple Martini
 Appetitizer: Strawberry Fields
 All us ladies very happy with our little Martini Delights :)
 The Food was also very enjoyable.Esp, the bow tie Alfredo Pasta <3

Of course I didn't forget to do a little shopping. But lately I've been trying to be a good girl since Christmas is around the corner and all hehe ..Thing is, this year it is abnormally freezing in LA & when I moved back I packed none of my winter jackets .. So I spent a LITTLE on 2 Jackets & a Scarf. That's not too bad now is it? :P

 Top: Haworth Coat - wool-blend herringbone cape
Bottom: Black Oversize Scarf, & Boyfriend Blazer

& I finally bought the Keychain I wanted :D
Keychain by Michael Kors

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