Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello Everyone ~ It's been a while since I last posted an entry. & Sadly I admit, work's been consuming up most of my time. I do product development .. & Let's just say I have about 200 pcs of developments to finish ... A.S.A.P. ... ggrrr

Though swamped with the unbelievable amount of work. On the weekends I do get to spend some quality time with friends. But I get extremely exhausted from facing the computer 24/7 at work. So blogging evidently fades away ... Because when I get home the last thing I want is to be typing away in front of the computer .. But I promise I'll keep it up better ~ & get back into it with full on passion ;P

Some pics from the past weeks :)

 "This Halloween I didn't dress up" :P
 Forever Mcqueen <3
 New nails - Pumpkin Orange For October :0
 Sylvester - now fully adapted to his new home hehe
 A belated celebration for M.! Happy Birthday <3!
 Besties always ~~~ xxx
 2 of my favorite boys
Always a fun nite with Haruna :D

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