Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend's here again. This weekend we didn't plan anything in particular. Or had to do anything in particular. So it was nice to just chill and not worry about going somewhere or doing something.

Yesterday, we took a tour around beverly hills and gobbled down a bunch of yumz lol .. Guess I made it a pig out weekend :P

Beverly Hills Cafe Roma
Mr. Rowe & moi 
Delish Mussels with tomato white wine base sauce at Cafe Roma. 
I ate the entire thing all by myself + some bread haha .. Couldn't stop.. 
Afterwards it was YOGURTLAND time!! 
My order: double cookies n' cream + ny cheesecake flavor topped with brownie, cookie, and granola bites! :P 
Mr. Rowe enjoying his order as well 
& Last but not Least: we hunted down the Korean BBQ taco truck ~ 
sooooo gggoooodddd .. hehe 

On Another note ~ Some of the wedding pictures from my best friend's wedding was posted on their photographer's blog. & I'm so so so happy to see my makeup turn out good for the shoot :D .. Of course she's naturally gorgeous too but I feel like a proud mama for the makeup I did haha :P
So happy to have been a part of such a beautiful occasion ~ :) 

Alright ~ Time to go buy dinner and get ready for a night of Jersey Shore, Entourage, & the VMAs! hehe .. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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