Friday, September 03, 2010

Hello dwarlings ~ It's been a while since I posted anything .. blame it on my work .. Really .. Like, Seriously .. haha ..

Anyway, last weekend was super fun. Cuz one of my closest girlfriend was in town. & it was her first time, since she was 6, in LA. She has this whole idea that LA is dangerous .. or that you'll be mobbed if you ever go to the wrong neighborhoods lol .. I mean I guess that might happen but doesn't it happen every where else in the world as well? right? pssshhh .. haha ..

So she was in town for about 10 days or so & on top of shopping & gobbling delicious food here and there. She was also here for work. Which I had fun being a part of. Will keep the details under wraps till all is finalized because don't think she'll like it being leaked before the actual release dates :P

Anyhooo .. Miss her already ~ & wish her the best! <3 xxxx


At the Grove.
Farmer's Market. Gobble Gobble Gobble!
Stuffing my face haha .. American food FTW!
Socks anyone?
Hot girl w/ Hot Shoes hehe .. Shoes sponsored by none other than ME! :P
She helped break 'em in a little for me hehe .. Yes. I'm eevviilll ..;)
Hawt! J'adore!
Full Hawk B*atches! 
Besties for almost almost 2 decades! Love uuuu
time for some rest time before the fun filled labor day weekend! Hope everyone's gonna have a blast!

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