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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Drove to South Coast yesterday and spent a day & half out there. Met up with friends and enjoyed a very eventful evening ~ Mr. Rowe and I both met up with friends which we haven't seen in a while .. Well for me, I was there to help my best friend do a trial run for her wedding day makeup. All I can say is: It was definitely quality time well spent <3

Photo log:

 Couldn't resist to buy these knee high boots ~ 
They're ppuurrrffeeecctt for work :D

After our walk around south coast we sat down at Claim Jumper for a satisfying lunch :) Oh & for u who dunno, their New england clam chowder is so so yumz!
& who could leave claim jumper without their Chocolate MotherLoad Cake!
& After South Coast it was time to bring over the MotherLoad cake to my beloved Haruna's house :P 
Their 2 beautiful model looking dogs hehe .. I <3 
So my gf's fiance is absolutely amazing when it came to art ~ Above are just a few of the pieces he did .. I soooo wanted to steal a few haha .. 
Being the great hosts they are, my gf and her fiance took us out to this restuarant call MESA ~ The food AND cocktails were absolute delish!
The Food:
The People:
Alrighty ~ Time for work tomorrow! Hope all you ladies out there also had a wonderful weekend ;)

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