Monday, August 09, 2010

Last week was Mr. Rowe's birthday. So over the weekends a few of his friends and us gathered for a simple get together. We weren't particularly eager to go to a club and do the usual hooray. But rather preferred quality fun times with friends ~ It was nice to be cleared of all annoyance, such as young slob drunktards, pretentious "I think I'm the shit just because I'm a" promotor .. :P No offense ..

ok ~ Photos:

Before heading out for my long needed manicure :P
Back to Acrylic. I tried staying with natural nails.
But this is just so much more easier to maintain! hehe ...

At night, because Mr. Rowe loves his meats we HAD TO go to an all you can eat Korean BBQ place ... lol ...& afterwards we headed our friend's house located by Venice beach :) <3 Summer Nights! 
I did however catch a cold .. I think it was expected. I was feeling sick on and off cuz a lot of ppl were getting sick at work .. ah wells .. Gotta rest up and back to work ~ Until next time!

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