Thursday, July 15, 2010

Its finally thursday. Another week has pass by and FINALLY the weekends.

Work has been hectic. Tons to do every day. But in a way its better than sitting there with nothing to do. The hours at work just flies by and all of a sudden its time to go home .. :P

Other than work I've been busy setting up our new apt. Things are finally all done. Cable, internet, and other neccessities are set up ~ I did have fun with the setting up tho. For some stupid reason I enjoy the whole assembling of things. lol ... & the past week the power drill was definitely my best friend haha ...

My bedroom vanity desk .. yes I put it all together myself ;P 
every inch, every nail
Another good buy from the container store hehe ... 
6 drawer dresser ~ Another piece I put together :P
Now all is left is the small decorations around the apt ~ Hopefully I can get it done within the next few weeks <3 

Alright. time to rest up! More over the weekend! ;)

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