100 Plus Fahrenheit

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Please excuse me for the lack of blogging lately. Work days are so hectic that by the time I get home I just wanna relax and go to bed ~ But here I am. This is a little quick recap of last weekend :P

It was extremely heated over the weekends. But I did get to spend some time out with friends & even had time to go shopping! .. Plus I got my paycheck ;P

On the way to Melrose - Mr. Rowe's ex-manager from Urban Outfitters was having a independent designer showcase ~ Which was selling absolutely adorable clothes <3
JAPAN L.A. - kkkaaawwwaaaiiii ~
The Kitty slippers I bought from Japan L.A.
Bought a pair of Prada shades :P

& by night fall we joined some friends for some good ol' fun <3
 L.A. ftw :D
Well time for me to go to bed! Hope u're all having a wonderful week!!

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