Working Girl

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

 New Forever 21 store in Times Square
Please support!! ;)

Work started for me yesterday. Today was my 2nd day and thankfully my body is adjusting to the new schedule. :) Still picking up on the new environment and doing my ultra best to learn everything asap ~ So guess blogging will slow down a bit until I adjust to my new life ... Plus I'm moving into my new apt, so it'll definitely be a hectic week ~

I did get to talk to my mom today and she was really sweet to send me a picture of my adorable Nugget!
I miss her so so so so so x10000000000000000 much! Hopefully by the end of the year when my mom come visit me she'll bring her along! .. I told her if she's not bringing her then she's not welcomed :P .. jk

okie ~ gotta get ready to rest up well for another eventful work day! (sigh .. haha ..) tty Ladies another day!!

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