Visitor & New Camera

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Been thinking about getting a new camera for a while now. & after asking arnd, everyone recommended Canon's S90.

At first I did want the Canon G11, but it was so bulky, and most of the time I'd like to fit my camera in my purse. So S90 was way better in size. Picture quality wise the 2 didn't differ that much. Tho the optical zoon on the G11 is a little more than the S90. & the G11's LCD screen is adjustable. I guess it's just the matter of what you prefer :)
 My test shot using the new cammy with Georgie ~ <3

Other than shopping for new camera, a friend of mine from Taiwan came to visit :) Mr. C arrived yesterday, and due to our clashing schedules, we made the best of it last night ~ We took Mr. C to his own requested world famous burritos at La Costena and of course California's own In & Out! lol ... He devoured all in 1 go .. pretty amazing sight to witness I have to say .. haha ..
Picking up Mr. C
Burrito from La Costena & Double Double from In & Out!
Mr. C's VERY happy
Mr. Rowe starring at the lllooonnnggg line of cars lining up for In & Out.
FYI the parking lot was parked FULL too .. What can you say? In & Out's YUMZ!! 
Afterwards we went to this local dive bar in Mountain view.
Now I have to go pack for my 1 week in LA! :D This time around. Mr. Rowe and I will be settling on a lease for our apt. & Sat night meeting all my friends for a early bday celebration ;) can't wait!

Have a great week everyone!

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