El Layers

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A quick post because I'm not on my own computer :(

Currently in LA apt hunting .. so far saw a few but not anything that Mr. Rowe and I particularly like. so today we're going around more in hopes to finding "the one"! :P lol

Had my early birthday dinner with my adorable friends on Sat night. It was definitely a good evening. We went to the restaurant Villa Blanca. & I have to say I enjoyed it A LOT. Though online reviews said the waiters/waitresses there aren't too friendly but in my case they were superb ~ Everyone was all smiles and at the end of the night they all came out and sang happy birthday. So I was definitely satisfied with their service :)

Pictures coming later when I get back to SF. So for now I 'll just leave you with my best wishes!

Have a great week! & till next time!


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