Early Birthday Celebration & Some Other Good News

Friday, June 18, 2010

The past week, I was in LA apartment hunting and job hunting. & maybe because it's my birthday month. The stars were aligned and lady luck was by my side ~ :D

Mr. Rowe and I found the perfect apartment. & I got a call back for my job at Forever 21 and they offered me the position!

Our official move back to LA and settle in will be in a week's time. So this week will definitely be hectic.

But, Of course, other than apt hunting and work interviews, I got the chance to celebrate my birthday a little earlier with my adorable friends ~ It was a beautiful evening and all I can say is: I'm honestly happy to be back ~

Luvin Life to the Fullest ;)

Some pictures from the past week:

On the way to LA
Driving yet another 4 hrs to LA .. ah wells ~ 
Play time! :P
Villa Blanca
All smiles <3
Haruna. My lover hehe .. 
Thank u for coming ;)
I love my ladies ~

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