1 Stone 2 Birds

Thursday, June 03, 2010

So yesterday I accompanied Mr. Rowe down to LA for his audition. It was a total of 8 hours drive, so I figured I'll go with him and help him drive a few hours. And coincidentally, I got a call in for a job interview ~ So after Mr. Rowe went to his audition, we drove to downtown LA for my interview :) So it all worked out in the end ~

On the way to LA ~
 On our way back ~
Though I know it's smog .. I always found LA's pink sky beautiful..
The drive was some what stressful, but it was after all an eventful day :) & Mr. Rowe already got his good news! He got the part! Congrats BB! .. As for me? Well I'm just going to stay optimistic and believe things will all work out like they always do ;P

Before I go, I'd like to introduce the newest member of the family: Georgie
Georgie was abandoned by his previous owner. Who used to live in our SF neighborhood. Mr. Rowe's parents were feeding him but he stayed outside. We decided to adopt him and bring him to LA. So far he's adapting just fine ~ Though on sunny days he does try to go outside and play .. Just today he ran out and we ended up chasing him arnd like crazy people! lol ... but it's ok. I figured I could use a work out! :P & I think Sky's happy to have a older brother in the house as well ;)

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