Beauty Blog: Hope In A Bottle

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So ever since my move back. Maybe cuz of the sudden change in humidity/place/temperature etc. My skin started to get break outs here and there. & I tried all the usual remedies but they seem to lack effect. So while restocking my usual cosmetics/skincare, I was introduced to Philosophy's Hope in a Bottle.

This product is aimed towards providing adults who are still suffering from acne. It is a oil free moisturizer with salicylic acid which is prone to improve congested pores thus decreasing the % of break outs/acne.

At first this product was bought for Mr. Rowe. Because men usually have oilier skin. & I was just using Hope in a Jar (which is also awesome btw ~ a oil free daily moisturizer ~). But with all the break outs I was getting, I figured why not try it as well.

Personally I have combination skin type, so I use it with Hope in a Jar moisturizer, because I find when only using Hope in A Bottle it wasn't hydrating enough. & after using it for a few days, immediately I can see my acne clear up. Even the little bumps on the t-zone area was clearing up all together ~

So all in all, I love it. Great results for both Mr. Rowe and I. & If you get the chance definitely give it a try! :D

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