The Container Store

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The past week, other than adjusting to the new time zone. I've been enjoying the lovely weather and the vast varieties the stores here provide :)

& I have to say I fell in love with the container store! lol .. I'm kinda a neat freak .. a sickness my mom passed onto me .. haha .. So I can't stand it when the space I live in is messy. & It doesn't help when your better half (Mr. Rowe) doesn't really care about the issue .. sighz ... ah wells .. So I gotta suck it up! Clean up and organize for the both of us! :P

Currently we're temporarily staying in SF until August. Since Mr. Rowe need to spend some time with his family. & July we're flying off to paris for his uncle's wedding. So I can't REALLY clean up and organize all our stuff but I do my best. & the container store is HEAVEN for organizing! lol .. I've already been in the store a few times. Just to browse and keep in mind the goodies they have for future reference/usage haha ...

So far I bought this little cabinet to organize all my toiletries and a small shelf with more than enuf dividers to organize my jewelry ~ <3 heartz!

They need to open a branch in Asia! Think my mom will go ballistic in there haha ..

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