Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's been a while since I updated my blog. I was busy with the big move. & yes. currently I am now in California. First stop: San Francisco and onto La La Land for permanent stay.

Last Friday. Before Mr. Rowe & I left Shangers. We met up with our friends for 1 last night of craziness & basically settled the sad goodbyes with dancing instead. Though a little chaotic, it was definitely a fun night and I gotta say thank you for all those who made it out that night.


Then the following Sunday. I spent a full family day with my parents and my beloved Nugget at the F1 finals. It was my first time at F1 and think it'll be my last lol .. Not that big of a fan of racing. But still it was nice to spend some quality time with my parents and their friends before I left ~
Anyway .. Exhausted from my flight. Today's my first day back in Cali ~ Had my Jack in the Box fix lol .. & Went to activate my phone. Which won't be fully activated till tomorrow noon. But happy to get rid of my old phone cuz the keypad was driving me insane! NEVER buy electronics in China I say .. There's always something wrong with it. So I finally switched up my old BB Bold 9000 and got the new Blackberry Bold 9700. :)
Guess I'll be johning my group of crackberry addicts in the BBM world ;)

Alright. Nite nite ~ until next time <3

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