Beauty Blog: Schick Bikini Razor

Friday, April 23, 2010

Seeing that I haven't done a beauty blog in a while. Thought I'd do one tonight. Whilst my jetlag continued .. :P

Being back in the States. Meant I had to re-purchase many daily neccessities. From skincare, to bodycare, to even toiletries. & I can't help but be utterly grateful to be back in the US. Cuz I can get my hands on all my beauty needs.

While roaming the supermarket, I came upon the new razor by Schick. It is the first of it's kind. It's a razor dedicated to the special needs of women - the Bikini Line. So when I saw it. I immediately bought it! & I have to say I HEART HEART HEART it!

Basically Trimstyle consists of a razor on one end and a battery charged trimmer on the other. All you do is put in a AA battery and you're ready to go ~

The trimmer has a adjustable comb which you can detach according to your own preferences. It has 3 different length settings which you could use to fit to your needs ~ & the adjustable comb prevents you from cutting yourself so making your use much simpler and definitely much faster in finishing the job :D

I'm usually a wax girl. But I find this very convenient. Esp with Summer arnd the corner ~ <3

I think currently Trimstyle is only being sold in the US and Euro market. Prob will get to Asia later. But if you're travelling through the States or Europe DEFINITELY pick up one!

Alright ~ until next time!


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