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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yesterday, being the first weekend back here in sunny California. Mr. Rowe and I took some time and drove to SF downtown for some shopping. Mainly, for me, I was in desperate need of skincare products because I didn't bring much with me ... My luggage was WAY overweight with clothes, shoes, bags .. So I figured I'll just buy my beauty products after landing :P Plus most of the ingredients I cook up in my toiletrie lab IS from the States to begin with lol ...

I made a quick stop in Sephora and bought myself a variety of skin products. & here I am to share ;)

Personally I love the brand "fresh". Their products are of all natural ingredients and so far, I've used quite a selection out of their line. & results are amazing ~

This is a deep hyrdrating mask that you can use every day. It consists of crushed rose petals that immediately melts and absorbed by skin after application. It relaxes ur skin and calms inflammation. 

Being back in the States. It's so much more dry compared to Shg. So my skin has been feeling utter dry to the sudden change. & this mask worked magic ~ It is one of the best sold products from the fresh line. So if you ever get the chance definitely make the purchase. Tho a little pricey, but 1 jar can go a long way. So it's worth the price ~
This night serum help speed up the skin's self-regenerative abilities. it helps restores ur skin, giving your skin a fresh radiant look, and making it look more plump and firm. 

This product is one of the more recent products in the fresh line. I remember back when I first started using fresh they didn't carry this. So far, after trying it last night. It made my skin feel really smooth and soft. I think it worked really well together with the rose mask.

This product also have a day serum, at the same price of $85.00. Though a little pricey, I think for women, esp in their 20s, it is worth investing in anti-aging products. If you start in your 30s, well honey .. that's already too late of a start. Preventative work is WAY more effective than last minute remedies right? ;) 

Alright. Blog to here for now ~ Have a fabulous weekend! 

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