Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Few days ago I accompanied my mom to my great grandpa's (周信芳 Zhou Xing Fang) grave. It's located inside the Song Qing Ling Park in Shanghai. My great grandpa was a known Chinese Opera Singer. So he was buried at the memorial ground along with other well known artists, doctors, politicians etc. of China. Usually of those who were born or raised in Shanghai back in the day ~ I never had the chance to meet my great grandpa cause he passed away soon after the Chinese Cultural Revolution. But stories my mom and my grandpa have told me made it seem like I do know him ~ He's family. & tho not as often as I hoped. My mom and I would visit his grave occasionally to pay our respects :)

My mommy and the flowers we brought along for my great grandpa
Mr. Rowe helped out with carrying the flowers :P
It was a rare beautiful sunny day! :D
My Great Grandpa
Beautiful Cherry Blossoms <3
After we took my 2 dogs and went out for a relaxing brunch ~ since the weather was so beautiful that day :)
Mao Mao & Nugget all at their best behavior .. Why?
Cuz they had their eyes on the plate of Salami! lol 
And at nightfall Mr. Rowe, me and a few friends FINALLY went to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Though I was somewhat dreading it at first. Cuz last time I watched Avatar, the 3D made me nauseous .. I'm prone to motion sickness .. So I think maybe that's why. But this time it was alright ~ I didn't get sick lol .. 
Mr. Rowe making a stooopid face haha .. 
Another week plus a little more till our move to LA ~ Will be quite busy but will still try to update ;) 

Have a great week!!

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