Welcome to the ZOO

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Went to the Shanghai Zoo today. I remember the last time I went, I was prob arnd 7-8 yrs old. I don't remember too much details but I do remember me exhausted from all the walking lol ...

Well I went this time because currently there are 10 young pandas located in the Shanghai Zoo. They were relocated to Shanghai few months back for the Shanghai Expo 2010. & Once the year is up they will be heading back home to SiChuan. & honestly, it is definitely a sight to see ~ Cuz how often do you get to see 10 adorable chubby pandas rolling arnd right? hehe .. If anyone is visiting Shanghai in 2010, definitely head out to the Zoo for some cute panda sighting ~ & of course a bunch of other adorable animals to see as well ;)

Photo Memoirs:

& Other than roaming around the Zoo, I did some online shopping :P Been wanting to get a jumpsuit for this spring/summer ~ Bought this denim jumpsuit from the Japanese brand Snidel .. since the whole denim look is back and all ~ hehe ...
Thought it was adorable with the whole big bow in front ~ <3

Alright ~ Until next time ;)

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