New Wallet

Monday, March 29, 2010

So 2 weeks ago. While I was out attending a friend's birthday. My wallet miraculously disappeared from my bag .. Keep in mind: I was using my Givenchy Nightingale .. So the chance of it simply DROPPING out was prob slim to none! So by the time I realized that someone stole my wallet, it was already too late.  It wasn't really about the money or the credit card. That's all replaceable and re-earn-able. But my HK Home Return Permit was also in it! Which is annoying cuz I HAVE to go back to HK to get it .. Ah wells! Bad luck on me I guess ... sigh ..

Well since my wallet was stolen, I went and bought me a new one. Tho I miss my old wallet (esp the HKHRP that was in it! lol) I do adore my new wallet :D


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