Monday, March 15, 2010

So much's been going on. Haven't really had the time to really blog. which honestly I feel bad .. I know I've said it before but I have to say it again cuz I TRULY do feel bad ~

Currently, I'm planning my move back to LA. Getting my cat all prepped and shot ready for his flight to the USA. Deciding what to and what not to bring ... which is giving me a major headache .. I guess I'll just have to have some stuff shipped over later :P ... & then there's my online shop .. I hope to continue doing it when I move back so I'm trying to work out a way ~ hopefully everything will go accordingly .. which I believe it will! Cuz I'm an optimist and being an optimist never failed me! ;D

So bear with me for the lack of blogging for these few months cuz I've been piled with numerous things to check off on my to do list! ggrr ...

Anyway on a more current note: last night my bf and I went to JIA hotel on Nanjing Rd Shanghai. Very comfy and I loved the decor ~ They even had these old school board games and us being silly spent a relaxing night watching dvds, drinkin' wine, and playing board games :D

Photo Memoirs:

& If you're wondering: I won :P


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