Beauty Blog: Makeup Tutorial #4

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's been a while since I've done a makeup post ~ I apologize and here's the long over due makeup post that I've been promising! lol ..

I've done a few night time/party going makeup tutorials. So this one is more simple. More suitable for day time.

It's very light on the eyes but enough to make u look awake and vibrant ;)

The color I used this time is also in the brown tones. But it leans a little towards a red tone.

I love using the Japanese makeup brand: KATE. Their eye shadows are probably the best I've ever used. Easy to go on and it stays on ~ This time I'm using KATE eye shadow color: BR-2

Lets begin:

Step 1: After applying your basic foundation, apply eye shadow color A to your entire upper eyelid. This gives your eye a little shimmer/highlight.
Step 2: Then using eye shadow color B apply to the area inside the dotted line. Note: Esp for Asians, because this gives your eyes depth since the darker color creates a light shadow effect.
Step 3: Apply eye shadow C to the area inside the dotted line.
Step 4: Apply an thin eyeliner on both upper and lower eyelid. (For instructional purposes, I've drawn the lines a little thicker so its easier to view. But when you're applying you can adjust the thin/thickness of the eyeliner according to your own preference.)
The lower eyeliner. instead of drawing from the outter corner.
For this makeup draw from the inner corner to the middle of the eye.
(Like Shown above)

Step 5: Then using eye shadow color A again. Apply over both upper and lower eyeliner to smudge out and lighter the eyeliner color. 
& after that. For those that have natural long lashes you can just simply apply mascara to finish the look. If you think your lashes are too light (like me lol ..) I suggest using fake lashes to help make your eyes look more distinct ~ 

& Here's the finish look: 
Hope you liked ~ <3 ;)

xxx Gi

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