Year of Tiger!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!! ;)

Right now, fireworks are going off all over town .. if you haven't been to China during CNY. Other than shops being closed and all. It is definitely a sight to see. Fireworks pretty much is going off EVERY WHERE! To the point, when Mr. Rowe first got here last year, and witnessed it for the first time, he thought he was witnessing a war movie haha ...

I know my beauty blog posts have been long overdue. & I feel utterly bad about it. But the past few weeks I've been busy with work .. esp with CNY around the corner ~ & now that it is CNY, I'm packed with family stuff to do .. So please bear with me! and thank you for the support you lovely ladies have been showing me ;)

Since CNY is one of the biggest holiday seasons here, most of my friends are off traveling or went back home to visit families. But just the past Thursday, we did come out and had a little fun ~

Photo Memoirs:


Other than some regular craziness with friends, since it was CNY of course there was loads of family time :) 

My mom decorated the house with lots of lucky stickers and flowers ~ & even our little munchkins joined in on the CNY spirit! 
Bright colors to bring good luck to the household :D
常满 = always full .. My mom stuck this on my walk in closet door lol .. 
um ok .. Thank u ? haha
Nugget got into the CNY spirit and wore her new outfit :)
Mao Mao didn't have a new outfit but we compensated with a cute red bow to give him some good luck for the New Year hehe ..
& Of course the little ones got their red pocket money as well ~ lol ...

Hope everyone is having a great CNY! & For those who are not accustomed to the CNY culture, I also wish you all the best luck for the coming days of this year! ;)


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