Happy Birthday Daddy!

Friday, February 05, 2010

It's my dad's birthday this week. So other than a family dinner, we got together with some of his friends and celebrated the special week with him ~

Photo Memoirs:

My little outfit for the night ~ 
It was extremely cold. so back to wearing lots of layers .. sigh

At the restaurant:
Most people at the dinner are friends and family I've known since I was a baby. My girlfriend Christine (Picture above), I've known her since we were both little rugrats running around while our mothers played mahjong lol ... Her birthday is actually just 1 day difference to mine lol .. So you can imagine how excited I am for her when she got married just 2 months ago ~ I haven't really sat down and hung out with her in a very long time so it was definitely nice to catch up with her :) 

It's always nice to be surrounded by people you love, and in this case people I've loved forever ... :D 


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