Ambigram Tattoos Pt. 2

Monday, February 08, 2010

So a while back, I did an entry on ambigram tattoos and how I wanted one. & this is an update :P

Just yesterday, both Mr. Rowe and I, finally got the ambigram tattoos we wanted! lol .. Well Mr. Rowe got another few more addition ..I just got one tho ~

Right now it's healing pretty nicely. Just aches a little. Since I did it on the inner wrist where the skin is rather thin ~ But overall it was alright. The process wasn't that painful and he did it pretty fast :D

Photo Memoirs:

the equipment ~
Me being prepped
Ready to go ...
All done!! hehehe ...My Leah/Kitty Ambigram
Now it was Mr. Rowe's turn .. and yes. He has a lot of tattoos
His Poison/Remedy Ambigram
and another small one which I find pretty dope!
I like the area which he tattooed on ~

Okie ~ its getting late! So I'm gonna go sleep ~ 


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