Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Yesterday, Mr. Rowe and I took a tour around the city and had our "day of fun"~ .. or so he likes to call it lol ..

Did find some cute accessories and clothing :)

Mr. Rowe on the other hand didn't buy as much as he intended .. he was complaining quite a bit lol ...

Photo Memoirs:

few accessories that I bought :) 
Lately I've been obsessing over silver again .. I had a phase of gold for a while but somehow it's shifting back haha
found these ultra cute headphones! Pink with skulls on them. Heartz it!
They weren't expensive or anything but just absolutely adorable!
Best for traveling and just to accessorize my computer with :P

and below are 2 goodies I came across lately. Currently I have a humble little online store and the following 2 are part of my online inventory .. of course I saved aside 2 pieces for myself to wear as well hehe ... I guess that's the benefit of owning your own store :P 

I mainly sell Japan and US brands to customers within China. I guess I'm doing this for fun and to gain some experience in the field. So far, it's been a good journey :) & I'm definitely enjoying what I do ~ 
Dazzlin's Floral Black Dress

Aula Aila's Studded Biker Jacket

Hope you all had a great day! ;)


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